Dirt is so Sweet.

Soil. Websters dictionary defines it as the ground, as producing vegetation or as cultivated for its crops. Today was the first day I got to play in my new dirt. We moved to a new house, the wife and I are so excited. It has a bigger kitchen or at least an open kitchen. I got to get my shovel out and got to play in the dirt. The soil is so nice, it is rocky but I know after giving it some TLC it would be happier then a puppy dog with two tails. The garden is going to be a big one, ok maybe not big for some of you who live out in God's Country in Rural America but anyway it is going to be 60 x 30 feet. The plan is going to be so nice with enough to eat fresh, store away for out of season, and to give away or sale. One of my wife's co-workers is already asking me to plant beets for she loves pickled beets and has a small yard and can't plant them for her self. I am so looking forward to the garden I just wish it was not so late in the year because by the time i get the soil ready it would be to cold. But next year they will be growing and I can already taste them. Oh yes, I am putting a flower beds in as well since I know my wife would like that as well. Some where I looking for the spot to put the herb garden for the spices as well as the homeopathic remedies as well. Till next time, dirt is good. All the time.


Grandpa's Sweet Corn

Summer '96 was the best sweet corn year for my grandpa. That is when i learned what makes the best sweet corn it is water, ammonia, and nitrogen. How did he discover this well that was the summer my grandfather decided to plant the sweet corn along the septic tank lines. It worked and made the sweetest corn I and he ever had.

Him saying it means a whole lot more since he just passed away last December at the age of 88. So the advice I got to pass along is maybe try planting the corn along the lines you might be surprised of it.

Hoping to try it again someday but can't yet. As my Grandpa said take care of the corn with every flush and see the beauty of green corn for life.

Saving Money you know the Green Stuff

I am not really an expect on saving money, how most would say they save money. I can't save it to well in the bank, under my mattress, in my underwear drawer, or the old tin in the kitchen cabinet. I am going to give some tips I learned on pinching the shinny pennies that I do have and keep them for a little something better.

Tips I and my wife learned
  • Wash out storage bags (Don't use ones that were used for raw meat not really safe)
  • Libraries can be your best friend (Movies, Magizines, Newspapers, and Books)
  • Dollar Stores (They can surprise you at times a friend told me they one that has produce)
  • Pack a lunch (You can be surprised how much cheaper this is in a long run)
  • Food Storage Containers (Helpful and storing leftovers and also dividing up the cheap family packages of meat)
  • Look for Manager Specials at grocery stores
  • Coupons with shopping around or when item on sale(my wife has got cereal for almost free doing this)
  • Try store brand items (most of the time they taste as good and are even sometimes made by the same people)
  • Farmers Markets
  • Grow your own garden (seeds are whole lot cheaper then produce and healthier as well)

These are a few things we learned and willing to learn more. If you have an idea to save more or a commit feel free to share.



Homesteading? What do you mean, you're from the city and you live in town? Are you nuts? Now what is it that you want to do again?

These are just a few questions I get asked almost daily. Sometimes I don't have an answer right away for the questioners, but it inspires me to look for the answer also helps me look towards the dream my wife, of a year and half and the Lord willing for another one hundred plus years.

I am twenty three years old and this is my story of how I am going to get to my dream and things I learn to help me there in life. The knowledge I am passing on is from the three sources men learn from which are books, others and peeing on the electric fence themselves. (Note to readers it does hurt when you pee on a electric fence don't attempt, take my word for it.)

What is this dream? Well here it is a in a nut shell or you know the nut and bolts, uh yeah you know what I mean. OK here it goes. To pay off the debt my wife and I are into, all $18,000, already smaller then it was almost a year ago. To get to a farm and work self sufficiently all before my thirtieth birthday or so.

My wife and I both agreed that we want to bring our children up in a debt-free home and also for them to not know anything but a country lifestyle, for it involves health and well being for all.

With this all said and done, I hope to educate and as well learn from others along the way. Some of the items might make you laugh, cry, smile or even make you feel better about yourself. As Red Green always says "We're in this together, I'll be reeling for you. Now keep the snake out of the eye." Now let us start the journey.
(Note to readers if you want female side of some of the material may I suggest the wife's blog at )