Dirt is so Sweet.

Soil. Websters dictionary defines it as the ground, as producing vegetation or as cultivated for its crops. Today was the first day I got to play in my new dirt. We moved to a new house, the wife and I are so excited. It has a bigger kitchen or at least an open kitchen. I got to get my shovel out and got to play in the dirt. The soil is so nice, it is rocky but I know after giving it some TLC it would be happier then a puppy dog with two tails. The garden is going to be a big one, ok maybe not big for some of you who live out in God's Country in Rural America but anyway it is going to be 60 x 30 feet. The plan is going to be so nice with enough to eat fresh, store away for out of season, and to give away or sale. One of my wife's co-workers is already asking me to plant beets for she loves pickled beets and has a small yard and can't plant them for her self. I am so looking forward to the garden I just wish it was not so late in the year because by the time i get the soil ready it would be to cold. But next year they will be growing and I can already taste them. Oh yes, I am putting a flower beds in as well since I know my wife would like that as well. Some where I looking for the spot to put the herb garden for the spices as well as the homeopathic remedies as well. Till next time, dirt is good. All the time.


Paul said...

60x30's good! Mine always seem to get too big to maintain, so I proudly claim that I do PIAFI Gardens --that's "Plant It And Forget It" --unless I remember or find time to do the maintenance.

sharon said...

Hello "young man" -- you don't give a name. I looked up your blog because of an intro message your dear wife sent to a yahoo group I've been a member of since the year 2000. Same group that got me interested in homesteading, goats, etc. Now we own an 11 acre parcel and home in Lancaster, CA (desert) and share with my 40+ goats, two llamas, chickens, ducks and guinea hens. So happy to hear of young people wanting to start in on homesteading. Will send "helpful hints" if you want. It's a wonderful life. God's blessed us much. Sharon